Chase: Bachelors & Babies Book 12

When she goes to High Mountain, asking to see them, old emotions re-emerge between her and Chase.
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This is a must read, a great story. There is so much going on in this story. The brothers are still living in the ranch and running it together. Minnie surprises them by returning after the night she gave birth three years ago. What does she really want? She gave them her reason for being there and her plans of starting a business in another town. All three boys have retroactively one and live on the ranch with their wives and the triplets. So much is going on with different folks and what takes Minnie think she must do? How does CHASE play into the story? This is a read alone but I would read Barclay also. This story will not disappoint you.

-- Mary.
Book Description:

Chase Givens never again expected to see the ragged girl, Minnie, again, after she gave birth to triplets at High Mountain Ranch and promptly disappeared three years ago. Now, single and lonely, he sows his wild oats by holding a horse race through the center of town. Nothing new, but this time, Chase nearly runs down a young woman. Horrified, he runs to help her, intrigued and curious about this vaguely familiar stranger.

After abandoning her triplets, Jessamine (Minnie) Styles spent three years at a French finishing school, growing up and learning to deal with her past. At eighteen, she’s a stronger, well educated young woman planning to open a school of her own not far from High Mountain ranch. The bitter, defiant child is gone. Everything has changed, including her feelings toward her children. When she goes to High Mountain, asking to see them, old emotions re-emerge between her and Chase. Neither knows their lives are about to change forever.

Charlene Raddon (Author)
Hello and welcome to my author page. Let me tell you a little about myself, as that seems to be the main purpose of this profile. Believe it or not, I began my fiction career in the third grade when I told my class that a little sister I never had died of a black widow bite. I also wrote books through my teen years, always about a girl whose mother mistreated her by making her wash dishes, sweep the floor… you get the idea. Never finished any of those stories. Many years later, a particularly vivid dream drove me to drag out a portable typewriter and go to work on my first novel. In 1990 my second completed book, Tender Touch, brought me a first place win in a writing contest and the following year became a Golden Heart Finalist. I have five romance novels set in the American West, published by Kensington, one, The Scent of Roses, under the pseudonym Rachel Summers. My books have placed or won other contests and one, Forever Mine, received a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award nomination. I’ve always loved the Old West and I believe my novels reflect that emotion through their depth and vividness. These days I am seeing my books re-edited and published as e-books, as well as working on a new story. I hope you try my books and love them.
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