The story of Chewy the Woodchuck began back in 1957. A ground hog and our family dog had forged a contentiously playful relationship in a field near the home of artist Joan B. Vinal, and she was inspired to develop the story in words and art to entertain her kids as a bedtime story. Her kids loved the story, but then they grew up and the book was put aside. Forty years later, the book, with its original watercolor drawings and hand lettering, was discovered tucked away in an attic box by Joan’s son Pete. Peter collected the yellowing paper and rusty staples and went to ask his mother why the book looked vaguely familiar to him. Peter was so moved by his childhood memories of favorite book that he made some copies to share the story of Chewy the Woodchuck with his own step son. After seeing his step sons pleasure at hearing the book, Peter decided to share the story of Chewy the Woodchuck and Rusty the Terrier with other children all over the world.
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