This is an enchanting erotic romance novel.

David Atkins and Robin Walsh grew up together as childhood playmates. Separated for years, they meet up again and fall in love with each other as adult playmates!

You will be captivated in this erotic tale that has a twisted fate for the characters involved – including a murder mystery that will have you begging to read and discover the outcome!

About the Author

Susan J. Young was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has one brother and five sisters and together they form a close-knit family. Her parents are deceased.

Young is currently in a ten-year relationship. Her books are inspired by this relationship. It was the love that she has for her soul mate that inspired her to write. Originally a short story, Child Play Mates grew into a book as she kept writing.
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“Highly Recommend”

Five Star Review by Anonymous

Insigtful and professionally written for her first book! A perfect mixture of mystery and eroticism! If you’re a couple I highly recommend that both read it and try acting out the love scenes on your own. This is fictional but for some reason some of the details seem as if they were written from experience!! I have previewed the sequel and anxiously await its release!

About the Author

Wrote a fantastic book Child Play Mates Working to get a sequel published! Love my two dogs! Who doesn’t! Work for Ford Auto Co. 

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