CHIS: If you call me a grass, I’ll kill you by JORGE GILL

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What is an informant? What is a grass?
Sam Jakobs is the son of heroin addicts. He is the Brother of heroin addicts. He hates drugs.
Charlie Jackson lost his son. He lost his wife. He runs the Intelligence Unit at his local Police Station.
Charlie meets Sam.
Yardie drug dealers, children going missing and least of all people being killed by a terrorist fanatic. The country is on the brink of civil war.
Can Jackson trust Jakobs, robber turned informant.
A man with his own principles.

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“I highly recommend this book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By lorraine northwood

I highly recommend this amazing read from start to finish and the story line will have you on the edge of your seat…an amazing story line with lots of twists and turns…can’t wait until the next one!!

About the Author

Born in Birmingham in 1962, Jorge was the eldest of six boys.

He married young and had three lovely daughters and one son. He is also now the proud Grandfather to eight beautiful Grandchildren.

He joined the Police Force in 1985 and spent 27 years of his life in the service. During that time he worked on several units, including Uniform response, Criminal Investigation Unit, Prisoner Handling, Proactive Unit, Drugs Squad, Intelligence Unit, Research & Development, Covert Human Intelligence Source handling, Test Purchase Operative, Burglary Squad and Vehicle Investigation team, and during his time with the service he received numerous awards for bravery, professionalism and outstanding work. Details of which can be seen on the Gallery page.

Tragically his son, Jason died at the age of 14 in 2003, a few years later his wife ended her own life, not being able to cope with the guilt for the loss of their son.

Eventually, after his wife died, unable to go back into their home, he became just another man of ‘No Fixed Abode’ and as close to being an alcoholic as one can get. Then after a fall out with the service, he chose to leave the Police. He tried something completely different and became a personal trainer, fitness instructor and a boxing coach. However slowly but surely, due to his previous experience he re-entered the field of Investigation. Only this time for himself as a P.I.

His love of reading and writing led to the birth of C.H.I.S, his first book.

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