Dragons have for ages beyond memory ruled as the dominant species of Earth. They are not the dragons of the human’s old fairy tales, for they have evolved and changed to adapt to their new world. They walk on two feet and have achieved a level of peace by finding a special trade or job for each of the dragon elemental types.

They thought their peace secure, until an ancient foe is found to have risen again. Stopping him falls to a select group of dragons, of various powers and abilities, and a perilous quest to find two magical items left to history. In the end, these five dragons may find that the quest leads them to find far more than just the keys to defeating the threat to the dragon realms.
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About the Author

A.R. Brown holds a B.A. in English Literature, which she got as an adult learner while working a full time job. She enjoys her quiet suburban life, which gives time to fuel her imagination and love of reading and writing, imparted to her by her mother and teachers. She gets some inspiration from her walks around the neighborhood. An avid animal lover, though she currently has no pets; she is equally a cat person and a dog person.

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