Cinderella By Any Other Name

by – Annemarie Musawale (Author)

Nadia is the oldest child, an orphan and a refugee. 

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Book Description:

Nadia is the oldest child, an orphan and a refugee. Even though her stepfather is a loving man and her stepmother is tolerant, she feels solely responsible for her brother and sister. 

So it’s no surprise to anyone that when her stepfather falls ill and contracts a marriage for Nadia, she agrees at once. 

What else is she to do?

Making the decision is easy. Living with it is another story altogether. 

Follow Nadia in the journey to find herself and find out if she can please everyone and still live her best life.

About the Author: Annemarie Musawale

Annemarie Musawale is an eternally curious single parent of one extremely intelligent teenager. She lives in Nairobi Kenya with her laptop and copious cups of tea. Occasionally her son comes home from boarding school to visit. She enjoys long walks (theoretically) maybe not on the beach because’s far and lots of spicy delicious tea. She also enjoys reading everything as long as it’s interesting, surprising and enjoyable. She hopes that she writes the same types of books too.

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