Circle of Seven

Did she inherit this trait from her mother?

In the city of Rochester, New York there are many hauntings and for someone like Nola Ceps-Log it is easy to become entangled in mysterious happenings. Did she inherit this trait from her mother, May Ceps and pass it along to her daughter Joy, or does it come from an unearthly source? Dr. Memer, Nola’s psychiatrist is having a hard time figuring out how he can help her. What is it that connects Dr. Memer to the Ceps-Log women? He has been Nola’s psychiatrist since she was seven and later began seeing Nola’s daughter Joy. When Nola’s mother realizes it is time to share their secrets, she admits that she has visions too and for the first time, Dr. Memer is told the whole truth of what has been happening to Joy and Nola. As he searches for a way to help them, he learns that there is more to their relationship than doctor/patient, that somehow, he himself is a clue to solving the mystery. As the circle grows, the Ceps-Log women find they are surrounded by family, neighbors and strangers who are there to help in their battle against good and evil.

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