51g5QX0-PUL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_In this exciting prequel to the critically acclaimed Dane Curse, a pair of black capes are found dead on the floor of Wentorf Hall, mere inches away from the world’s largest diamond. Of course the cops think the pair killed each other over the heist. After all, everyone knows that the Vandenberg Coconut is a one size fits all motivation for murder. Everyone, that is, except for Dane Curse.

But when the former villain turned PI takes the case he’ll discover that the truth has more sides than a diamond has facets. And in order to get to it Dane will follow a trail that leads through an old enemy with a bagful of grudges, a killer who specializes in assassinating super villains, and a wealthy socialite with a murky motive. A thorny maze indeed, and sitting at its heart, mysteriously returned from years in hiding, is Dane’s very own daughter.

Will Dane Curse discover the thieves’ secret in time to solve the case, save his agency, and protect his only child from a vicious death? Or will he lose it all, just another victim of The Coconut Swindle?

In this follow up to the critically acclaimed Dane Curse, Matt Abraham, winner of Pulp Detective’s 2015 Newcomer of the Year Award, takes us on our second trip through Gold Coast City. It’s Dane’s very first case, the one that made the agency, but almost broke the man. If you like white knuckled action, devious dames, and heroic villains then get your copy today, and saddle up with the most exciting detective since Harry Dresden!

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“Fantastical, mind-spinning rave of a novel”

Five Star Review on Amazon By John Hemmings

I was totally captivated by this fantastical, mind-spinning rave of a novel. Think X-men, Dragnet, Roger Rabbit and then some. In this action-packed prequel to ‘Dane Curse’ the eponymous, invulnerable superhero PI investigates the demise of Thermite and Firewall during an apparent attempt at a jewelry heist. And not just any jewelry heist − only the World’s biggest gemstone. Redolent of Chandler’s Bay City, Gold Coast City is just as dangerous, but the steely determination of our wise-cracking protagonist is more than a match for whatever its quirky cast of characters tries to throw in his way. For me, the real strength of this book is the supreme sure-footedness of the author in drawing us into this bizarre world of heroes and misfits and making us believe in it all and care — for above all, this is a cracking how- and who-dunnit. Oh, and by the way – it’s really funny too.

About the Author

Awarded Pulp Detective’s Best Newcomer of 2015, Matt Abraham spits hot PI palaver mixing Mickey Spillane with the classic superheroes from the golden age. In his series Black Cape Case Files we follow Dane Curse, a former black cape turned PI, as he navigates the powered underbelly of Gold Coast City. While not writing, Matt’s engaged in juggling his newborn baby boy Kal, and supportive wife Jenny, all in the People’s paradise of China. You can find him on Facebook, authormattabraham@gmail, or in the smile of every child. Though he’ll only respond if you use the first two.

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