World War II certainly had its share of deserving heroes and heroines, many of whom have received their due recognition. But how many civilian women can say they saved the lives of at least 250 downed airmen in just over two years?”Code Name Lily” takes you on an unforgettable journey from Belgium, into France, and over the Pyrenees Mountains into Spain. An extremely clever and persuasive young Belgian nurse outsmarts the Nazis time and again, risking her life if she is caught, but protecting every airman she successfully aids to evade the Germans.”Code Name Lily” is based on the true story of Micheline “Michou” Dumon-Ugeux, a legend in the Comet Line escape network from 1940-1944 who went only by the name of Lily. You, too, will fall in love with Lily.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Priscilla Facha DiMaio

I loved loved this book; amazing story that reaches from the height of WWII to the present day. Its a love story.. its history. It was compelling and mesmerizing — took me two days to read because I could not put it down. It brings you back to a time that today most people don’t read much about or new generations do not even have a clue to its existence. It is important era that should not be cast into a past history of forgotten heroes– A MUST READ.

About the Author

Julien Ayotte was born in 1941 in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He graduated high school in 1959 from Mt. St. Charles Academy, received a B.S. and MBA from the University of Rhode Island in 1963 and 1968 respectively, attended the Harvard Business School Management Development Program, and received his PhD in 1992 from Columbia Pacific University. He worked in the corporate world for most of his career while also teaching at the graduate level at several colleges and universities in the RI/MA area. The last fourteen years of his career were spent as the executive director and chief operating officer of two prominent law firms in Providence and Worcester. Julien began writing Flower of Heaven in 1987, and completed the novel in 2012. He completed the sequel, Dangerous Bloodlines, in 2014, and released his third novel, A Life Before, in April, 2016. His fourth novel, Disappearance, was released in early December, 2017. In December 0f 2018, Code Name Lily, his first historical fiction, was released. He has an extensive array of articles in the legal administration field, especially with the Association of Legal Administrators. He lives in Cumberland, RI with his wife, Pauline. They have three grown children.

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