The Coffee Morning Club by J. Beauclerc

The Coffee Morning Club by J. Beauclerc is a contemporary story about keeping the romance alive. When Carole needs to put the sizzle back in her sex life, she finds inspiration in writing sexy, adult fairy tales. Join the fun and discover ways to avoid a boring sex life.

After thirteen years of marriage Carole found her sex life with Matt was boring. So she started writing sexy bedtime stories for adults. But was it too late for Carole and Matt?

Go on the journey with Carole and her Coffee Morning Club as they put the sizzle into sex.

Content Notes: Hot, GLBT, Short FF Scene, Contemporary, Adult Fairy Tales

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About the Author

Dear Readers,

Hello. I am J. Beauclerc and I hope you will fall in love with my books and writing and tune in to AMAZON, Twitter & goodreads for information, releases, short stories about my life & lots & lots of appreciation from me!


“Let’s fall in love!”

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