There’s nothing scarier than feeling lost in a dark, strange world with no hope of the morning’s dawn, far away from the familiar place you called home. If we were honest, we probably have all been there. Coffee with Kelly is full of short insights into how moments like that become His story, all the way leading, guiding, comforting, until it becomes celebrating-tragedy to triumph, glory to glory! He is there, whispering our names, holding our hands, picking us back up. He shows us the darkness is not a deep, dark hole but rather a tunnel that if we will just keep walking through, at the end there is a Light! That Light is the person of Jesus Christ! He shines the brightest in the darkest room. Kelly Nelon Clark is a multi-Dove award winner and Grammy nominated performer and actor. She has garnered more than six Dove awards and six Singing News Fan Awards. The concept video in which she starred and performed in won the bronze award for the New York Film festival. She is a fan favorite wherever she performs.

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“Coffee with Kelly – A Great Gift Idea for Anyone Needing Encouragement”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Clint D. Johnson

I just finished reading Coffee with Kelly, and I can say it met my expectations. It is filled with confirmations of God’s Love for His people. It is filled with reflections of hope & humor. A great gift for anyone needing encouragement. Sincerely Clint Johnson.

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