by – Troy Grice (Author)

A lunatic president.A ten-trillion-dollar bunker.

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Book Description:

A lunatic president. A ten trillion dollar bunker. The nuclear football, And a salacious video… With his office infiltrated by a traitor and hobbled by incompetence, an increasingly unstable POTUS attempts a ‘Hail Mary’ that might just save the office of the president… even if it destroys the world in the process.

Reviews for the Book

I laughed so hard reading this. You see both political parties represented at their standard insanity. If you love freedom, then read this for comic relief! An awesome page turner. - 	Amazon Customer

About the Author: Troy Grice

Troy has been a fan of dystopian novels and science fiction since his teens. He describes his own stories as “abrasive satire” and “counter-propaganda.”

When he’s not working or writing, he enjoys making noise on his Gibson and hanging out with his family in the foothills near Evergreen, Colorado.