If your delicate sensibilities are offended... mission accomplished!
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Book Description:

A lunatic president.
A ten-trillion-dollar bunker.
The nuclear football.
And a salacious sex video…

With his office infiltrated by a traitor and hobbled by incompetence, an increasingly unstable POTUS attempts a ‘Hail Mary’ that might just save the office of the president… even if it destroys the world in the process.
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About the Author ▸ Troy Grice

Troy Grice has been a fan of dystopian novels and science fiction since his teens. He describes his own stories as “abrasive satire” and “counter-propaganda.” He believes that true journalism is extinct and that the novelists, musicians, film-makers and bloggers comprise the true Fourth Estate. When he’s not working or writing, he enjoys making noise on his Gibson and hanging out with his family in the foothills near Evergreen, Colorado.
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