Collective Reflection Power

Go on a journey to find how this woman escaped such dire conditions.
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Book Description:

This book is an detailed account of a young woman born in Virginia,who experienced a harrowing up bringing.She lived through years of abuse and rape by the hands of her sadistic stepfather,who subsequently became the father of her children.And a masochistic mother who did nothing to protect,but instead aided in the torture and abuse.Go on a journey to find how this woman escaped such dire conditions.This book will make you cry,laugh,rejoice and realize the power that is within us all.

This book was definitely a page turner. I experienced so many emotions reading this book, as a mother, and woman I saw the book from so many different angles. I am so grateful that some one had the courage to write such a gut-wrenching truth! There was so much anguish permeating from each page but even in that it was written in such a way that full of perseverance! Victory of an over-comer filled this book. Shakira did a great job capturing how many times a person can fall, but God's grace being able to be sufficient in helping to overcome. Each page written from a unique perspective of growing to know who God is through adversity. To read a book that was filled with the out pour of emotional, physical, and mental abuse, and wait so long for justice to be served...I was encouraged by this book, and look forward to more books by this author!

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Shakira Zayah Chi (Author)

The author, Shakira Zayah Chi,was born in Richmond,Va 1978. She is a survivor of childhood trauma,rape and domestic violence. This is her first book.Self educated,she enjoys writing,blogging and writing poetry in her spare time.Likewise she loves spending time with her children,sister and pet cat,Simba.

Go on a journey to find how this woman escaped such dire conditions.

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