Combat Medic: Men with Destiny – A Red Cross of Valor – Revised 2016 by Carl R. ToersBijns

This book is dedicated to those men and women who fought in the Vietnam War and those family members who sacrificed it all for their country. It is also dedicated to all those who are MIA and KIA and is a recollection of the war experiences written by the author while he was assigned to…

This book is dedicated to those men and women who fought in the Vietnam War and those family members who sacrificed it all for their country. It is also dedicated to all those who are MIA and KIA and is a recollection of the war experiences written by the author while he was assigned to the Americal Division in Chu Lai, 1967 – 1968 and attached to the 23rd Medical Battalion Headquarters Battalion.
This book is simply more than a war story. Each chapter details an assortment of assignments the author received during his tour of duty in South Vietnam, during the monsoon season and the troublesome years of the TET offensive that was launched that year and created what turned out to be a most significant event and almost cost the U.S. the war as it suffered record high wounded and fatalities as well as opposition and protests of these deaths, because the media brought the war into the living room. It does not delve into the political reasoning or the military strategies. It is simply a record of 365 days of hell in a strange country during wartime. These chapters are filled with different experiences from ‘line medics’ on ‘bush’ patrol assignment to the courage of those working the Dustoff/Medevac duties, riding with the armored cavalry, joining different search and destroy missions, recognizing brave military police actions and demonstrate the vulnerability of high risk convoys on highway 1.
It also personalizes the setting with photographs and memories, combat fatigue and PTSD before it was legitimately recognized as a mental illness. Additionally, there are short stories and how the concept of war is morally or socially acceptable under certain terms and ideologies. It touches briefly on the psychological drawback of survivor’s guilt syndrome, and the paradoxes of making war. It also dedicates a major explanation on the MEDCAP and other civic action programs the governments designed, developed and funded to win the hearts of the South Vietnamese peopleThis book is not for everyone – the target groups are Vietnam veterans and their families as well as others who are interested in this conflict’s history and who are willing to look at war from another perspective besides fighting and see how the war brought out the kindness in heart, promote religious commitment to peace and compassion for the innocent children, adults, and elderly.
The author tried to focus on the medic’s character, their courage, valor, integrity and the compassion of how they sanctified their honor during this war. It is after all is said, a personal diary of events that happened more than 50 years ago.
The author didn’t want to write a book about the ugliness of this war but rather, demonstrate the elements of war and show its impact on human beings, good and bad; and then rationalize why wars are fought to begin with even today.
During the Civil War, General Sherman alluded to the fact that “war is hell”; there is no doubt that after you read this book, the author’s point to awaken your morality and aroused conscious desires for peace and love for humanity. You will understand that the Vietnam War was more than battles, injuries and deaths. It was about people. Rather simplified, this war that was fought on all sides, created a moral conflict inside the head and hearts of those who fought there, experienced it and lived with these extreme conditions. This non-fictional novel is not filled with specific battles, brutality and horror. This prose is a mere presentation of raw literature and is an attempt to humanize the war into the reality it is for soldiers in battle and civilians caught on the battlefield. Added feature is an additional chapter on “Trauma of War” and the “Departure and Homecoming” of a soldier engaged and suddenly disengaged or displaced in a new environment. It is the graphic explanation of the homecoming that is a key to the PTSD treatment needed. .Also discussed are convoy truck drivers, military police escorts, ghosts & ambushes
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Combat Medic”

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