The only source of true comfort & joy is the Lord Jesus Christ. In this book about forgiveness, you will learn ways to access the fullness of Christ by letting go of those hurtful things from the past that keep dragging you down. So often in life, we are held back by our past. We have been hurt by others, or we’ve done things we are ashamed of, and feel like no one understands or could possibly forgive us. Jesus does understand and He will forgive you, no matter what you have done. Letting go of the past, forgiving and forgetting our past hurts, shame, fears, resentments, and grief will free us to move forward and be all that God wants us to be. He has a plan for us, a future full of happiness, comfort & joy, if only we will let Him.
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Truly Free! Forgiven”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Paulette L. Harris

Comfort and Joy is more than a band-aid or your typical self-help book about forgiveness.

Marie explains what it means and how to do this thing called forgiveness. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. She takes you by the hand and guides you step by step into a fuller walk with God and your fellow travelers.

Where does she take you???? Into more joy and life than you’ve ever experienced before. You will be free once and for all, no more ruminating about woulda, coulda, shoulda, and what could I have done differently or better? All the self doubt rolls away and you are free to move on as you let go of the hindrance of not being able to forgive yourself or others.

If you do only one thing this year for yourself or someone you care about, then I recommend this simple guidebook to a deeper walk with your creator. Enjoy and become free to be who you were meant to be. 🙂

About the Author

Marie McGaha is an inspirational speaker, multi-published author, editor, and publisher.After the death of her first husband, J. Bear Marler, Marie wrote Dancing With Bear: A Love Story, which won second place in the prestigious Smart Writ Book Awards sponsored by Mensa.That led her to create Dancing With Bear Publishing and DWB Children’s Line in Bear’s memory. 

Marie lives on a farm in SE Oklahoma in the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains with her husband, Nathan. She enjoys spending time with her kid and grandkids. Marie is a certified weapons trainer, and owns Girls Get Trained, a weapons cross-training event for women. She is a member of the National Gun Association, NRA, & Soldier’s Angels. She and Nathan are members of The Patriot Guard Riders, and enjoy getting away on their motorcycle as often as possible.

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