“I couldn’t put it down. No food cooked, no house cleaned. If you enjoy Martina Cole, you’ll love RJ Hunter. I was trying to read this as fast as I could, yet I didn’t want it to end.” B.C. Amazon review

An unforgettable novel, a love story, and an erotic drama all rolled into one.

Sally, a naive young student meets the dangerous and manipulative Frank Gant while attending university in the early sixties. Unwittingly she becomes involved in a terrifying love triangle that will span over two decades.

The sixties meets the eighties in this epic saga of hope that touches all human emotions, love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, belief and despair.

“The story is at times brutal, but it unfolds very quickly, and one is soon grabbed by the characters, and the potential for what ‘could’ happen, and the fear that it might.” J.M Amazon review.
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RJ Hunter has a fantastic knack for description”

Five Star Review on Amazon By P J Howard

Excellently written trilogy about a group of students in the 60’s whose lives twist and turn and mingle with each other. Before they end up in the 80’s.
RJ Hunter has a fantastic knack for description, and you can almost be transported to where the action is. Wonderful characters, a great plot and full of surprises. This book could easily be made into a film.

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Author of a disturbing love triangle spanning two decades. Join this epic journey of hope and passion that touches every human emotion. All welcome.

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