If I don’t get married or have children, is that it? Will I never have happiness? What if I’ve tried to find love and failed every time? What if it takes me longer to find the right person for me? Questions Rhea asks herself while living in London believing that a woman must be married by twenty-six and have children. Rhea tries to abide by the rules her family and society outline for her; but with no one to teach her lessons of life, sex, relationships, love, self-worth or happiness, she makes her own choices. Being a strong, independent woman she challenges the rules. Pursuing her own lovers, she tries to find a husband but finds heartache and rebels against marriage and love. She eventually goes out with an old friend, Tony. She knows he will never cheat or leave her like the others and declares he is her chosen partner only to discover a new form of pain and heartache. Trapped by the commitment she made to him and her family, Rhea is left vulnerable, scared, manipulated and needs to find her strength to walk away. Can she walk away shame her family and hurt her pride?

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“A mixed bag of emotions!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by prexp

The trials and tribulations of an Indian girl born in the UK, blended together with the complications of not only her culture and beliefs but also family, religion and men. A fantastic read!

About the Author

R K Patel was born and bred in London. Growing up in North West London she has always had both Western and Eastern influences in her life, both of which she embraces. R K Patel is very passionate about having your own journey and living life with your choices. This passion has led her to write a novel based around modern day life issues women face and the guilt and torment they feel between their own choices versus societies ideas of women.

R K Patel focuses on tackling issues such as self-doubt, self-esteem, self- perseverance, domestic violence, society’s enforcement of marriage, encouragement, empowerment and realizing that it’s OK to make mistakes and you can come out of the bad situations you put yourself into. R K Patel is committed to writing about tangible life issues in a fictional novel to help encourage and empower women. Her writing style is very real and inspires the reader to question the character and real-life situations. Confessions and Lessons is the start of a trilogy which she will enhance with books to help women find strength and unity with each other as womankind.

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