Confessions of 400 Men

A book about men for men and the women who love them, explores what men have to say about life, relationships, love and sex when one woman cared enough to ask.
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Fascinating read, start to finish. It's as if Heidi the author is saying, "Pssst! Listen sisters, to what I just found out from talking to this other species: men." Heidi points out ways that many men are similar in their thinking, some of which go against conventional wisdom. But it also points out how difficult it is to categorize men. We are a herd of cats. This book is not just for women. The points that Heidi makes for her women readers informed me about women's insecurities about, and frustrations with, men. I really liked the passages, scattered throughout, where Heidi opens up about herself and her own life. The vulnerability and resilience of an accomplished woman is fascinating. Highly recommend

-- Philip J
Book Description:

From urges to infidelity, and loneliness to love at first sight, Confessions of 400 Men exposes men’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Filled with humor, insight and even a bit of soul searching, this book chronicles one woman’s quest to help other women, and men, better understand the men in their lives.What You’ll Learn From Confessions of 400 Men:* How men prefer to connect with women* Discover how and why men cheat* Why men do what they do* Understand how lonely both divorced and married men are and the connection between their silence and their feelings* The emotional connection men place on sex* Why men pull away* Why men won’t commit* Datings tips for women from menThrough her conversations with men of all ages and backgrounds, Heidi Doheny Jay discovered the untold side of the relationship story – his side of the story. Confessions of 400 Men, a book about men for men and the women who love them, explores what men have to say about life, relationships, love and sex when one woman cared enough to ask.

Heidi Doheny Jay (Author)
Long before she thought of writing about and interviewing men, Heidi Doheny Jay was competing in the world of sales. Competitive by nature, she made her mark in the pharmaceutical industry, priding herself on beating one man at a time. ☺ Born outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Heidi was an average student at best. Barely scrapping by with a high school diploma she later went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Syracuse University. Having her childhood dream of being a professional dancer not pan out, she decided to turn her interests to the medical field. She worked in cardiac and pulmonary rehab for six years before entering the pharmaceutical industry where she spent 14 years selling mainly cardiac products. After becoming burned out from the competitive landscape of sales, she decided on a whim to take a pottery class, which turned out to be a writing course. Little did she know that this accidental happening would lead her down the path of writing her first nonfiction book, Confessions of 400 Men. Blessed with success in many areas of her life but plagued by unfulfilled and short-lived relationships, she decided to ask men what they thought of women and what they truly needed in a relationship. This small project quickly grew to her interviewing over 400 men and four years later, Confessions of 400 Men was born. She takes that same competitive and inquisitive nature from her sales career into her quest to discover what makes a great relationship and why people choose one person over another. When she’s not writing, Heidi enjoys taking ballet class, exercising and occasionally playing the piano; her one true talent as a child but she failed to pursue as a young adult. She’s the proud mom of a blue nose pit bull, Lola Falana, whom she rescued from the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).
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