Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer

by – Jimi Fritz (Author)

A psychedelic travelogue memoir

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Book Description:

Jimi Fritz takes us on a journey both geographical and philosophical, while sharing a half-century of adventures in buying, selling and consuming psychedelic drugs. Along the way we learn the difference between smart drugs and dumb drugs, the truth about religion, and how to make a perfect cup of tea.

The book outlines Fritz’s fifty-year journey in buying, selling and experimenting with psychedelic drugs while traveling the world.

He is also a filmmaker, musician, chef, writer, director and bon-vivant.

Reviews for the Book

If you'd like to feel like you lived a life you've never lived, this is an excellent book. Well written, fun, thoughtful, and filled with drug-fueled adventure, this is a rewarding read. I learned a lot about drug culture and ethical use of certain drugs for thought-provoking introspection. Highly recommended. - KLind

About the Author: Jimi Fritz

Jimi Fritz is a filmmaker, musician, writer, entrepreneur, roustabout and trick cyclist extraordinaire. He’s written two feature length screenplays, a memoir, and a non-fiction book about rave culture.