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Confessor Joe is a humorous book of fiction. The stories in the book involve
Fr. Joe and various unconventional ways he uses to deal with individuals after
hearing the sins they confess.

You’ll read of Fr. Joe’s mid-life crisis and doubts about his continuing as a priest.
He is granted time off to visit his ill sister and makes a decision as to whether he wishes to remain in the priesthood.
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“An unforgettable Priest…Fr. Joe!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Howard Lipman

Confessor Joe is a brilliant work of humorous fiction reminiscent of Mark Twain. One can read it as a multi-layered tale revealed in many layers, or just revel in the laughter of the narrative.
Father Joe has unusual penances for the sinners—sins revealed either by them, or others inside of The Confessional. The Sisters are hilarious, always using Jesus’ name in vain, and using mild profanity (damn). He usually lets the Sisters off with the usual penances of the Cross and Recititation of the Rosary…but he leaves his most imaginary penances for the others. The sins of adultery, gossiping, stealing, gluttony and more are dealt with by Fr. Joe in an amusing often ingenious way. He’s direct and creative. The Gossip columnist’s hair sticks straight out when she tells a lie for instance! It’s a parable about unconventional ways of dealing with individuals. Joe was a naughty boy as a child and he becomes a Trickster Priest! We also see signs of a warm-heartedness in the interesting back story of his growing up. A well-plotted book with an unexpected ending that makes me want to read Book Two! Five Stars and two thumbs up for Josephine Calabrese for making me laugh and think. We can all use a good laugh these days…and any day.

About the Author

Being a Chicagoan all my life, I grew up in a melting pot of immigrants.
My father was born in Italy. As for my mother, she was born in Chicago from immigrant parents from Italy. Many immigrants settled near the lake front when they arrived in Chicago, as did my father.
My maternal grandparents settled in Louisiana and relocated to Chicago.
With urban renewal, eminent domain, many immigrants had to relocate, as did my family.

My parents stressed education and I discovered a love for reading and writing at an early age. My education has been in a Catholic School System throughout my grammar school, highschool, and college years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (K-9).(Certification) I’ve enjoyed teaching in various school systems in the city and suburbs.

Thus far, I’ve published a poetry book entitled READ WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL.
I’ve also written the lyrics to the songs entitled AN IMMIGRANT MAN AND HIS FAMILY and MY LONGING which are from poems you’ll find in my poetry book READ WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL. The songs are presently in MP3 format. Also, check out the three humorous fiction books
I’ve written entitled CONFESSOR JOE, CONFESSOR JOE BOOK TWO, and CONFESSOR JOE BOOK THREE which are in e-reader form.

When I’m not reading, writing, teaching, and publishing, I enjoy gardening, swimming, and traveling. When I travel, I prefer seeing what life is truly like in a location, studying the culture and economic conditions of an area.

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