Long ago, two sisters made a vow to leave behind their dreams of finding “Mr. Right.” The lovely Leigh Cavanaugh hides her body, finding comfort with a dashing older businessman she considers her closest friend. Her sexy sister, Megan Morris, hides her heart, believing a hot lover is the perfect remedy for all of life’s difficulties. Quite by surprise, the two sisters find themselves on a whirlwind journey to romantic love. Leigh starts off slowly, offering coffee and cookies. Megan jumps right in with sexy leather and lace. The future is exciting, and there’s magic in the air. But just when they think they’ve found the men of their dreams, a promise made becomes a promise kept, and true love is put to the test. Risks are taken and emotions run high… Will amazing sexual chemistry and love be enough, or will it take something more to forever link these Connected Hearts? Danice Akiyoshi’s new novel is a sizzling contemporary romance, laced with real emotion-from heartache, sorrow, and longing to true joy.
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“Bad Boys gone Good for a change!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gabriel S.

I’m sure many of the adult women reading this book will strongly relate to the bond between the two main character sisters but I’ve gotta say it’s the “Trying to reform my ways” womanizer Dom that really wins the character development award in my eyes. He literally fulfills so many of those “I wish I knew a man like that” type of fantasies in an actual realistic way that doesn’t seem so perfect and fictional like you get in most of the overly dramatized romance novels. Connected Hearts had just enough angsty frustration to keep me biting my lip but not enough to make me want to throw my kindle across the room. Just enough sexy to keep those 50 Shades of Gray fans interested without overdoing it to the point where your grandmother couldn’t also enjoy the book. It’s a REALLY substantial story as well not only in content but in depth and length I usually burn through romance novels in a day or two but this one seems to be at least twice as long as most of the others I’ve read.

*minor spoiler*
Looks like the ending hints at follow on books in the story! Hope that’s the case!

About the Author

Danice Akiyoshi was born in Southern California where she currently resides. She and her husband often enjoy romantic long weekends together in locations like Cambria, San Diego, Ventura, Temecula wineries, Big Bear, and Mammoth. Outside of California, Maui is her favorite romantic hot spot. She is always on the lookout for interesting details to add to her novels and short stories.

Writing is her lifelong passion, but she admits it suffers a little during hockey season. She is a “Die Hard” fan of the Anaheim Ducks. She and her husband are also big fans of the Angels baseball team, also located in Anaheim. Slipping away to Angel spring training provides yet another romantic opportunity for the couple. They deeply love their four children, who are thankfully all young adults! Romance is a very high priority for Danice and Mike Akiyoshi.

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