51-9fm2vG9L._UX250_A twisting, interlinked, serendipitous science fiction adventure. Set in the near future, using real World technology and current science theory, as an accurate base to embark from. The action rolls on. Exotic locations, martial arts, gaming technology and virtual reality all feature prominently.

Roisin Kincade once again finds she has to use all her gaming and techie knowledge to save herself, and her friends, from the Combined Corporate Surveillance Operation (CCSO) and the powerful cartels that run the World. She had been busy trying to change the CCSO from the inside.

She finds herself rebuilding her interface to the quantum machine Ray K. This time with some serious upgrades, using EyeBlend. It is a high end, augmented reality interface headset. With the right adjustments and code, it may be the perfect tool to take on Commander Drake.

I she still inextricably linked to him? That link could become incredibly dangerous, or just give her the advantage she needs.

Will she outsmart the keen instincts of the Commander and his organisation?
Can her technology hold up under pressure?

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“A great follow-up to the strong Reconfigure”

Five Star Review on Amazon By K. Hudson

The second techie adventure in the Reconfigure series builds from the first in some terrific ways. I enjoyed the first book, but here Roisin is fully developed, and the action is just as intriguing, perhaps. even more. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys tech thrillers, or is interested in the near-future of the world around us. As a heroine, Roisin feels like an every person caught up in a system that she only partially understands. Like us, she glimpses pieces of the overall situation and needs to piece them together. When is #3 coming out? These books would make an awesome film or tv series as well!

About the Author

Epredator / Ian Hughes is a metaverse evangelist. He has worked in unusual and emerging technologies in both a corporate setting and out in startup land. He specialises in using game technology, such as virtual worlds to help people communicate and understand concepts.
Being a techie, and working across many mediums he has used social media since before it was as social as it is now. Blogging and sharing ideas is a core part of who he is.
Science Fiction is a natural genre and his first book was spawned from using and developing software for virtual environments.
He was resident super geek on a UK TV show called The Cool Stuff Collective for 39 episodes from 2011-2011. He was able to share his enthusiasm for new technology with the next generation, as well as working alongside a monkey, a cave girl and a host of other characters. In the third series he got to relive his own saturday morning childhood TV memories by flinging custard pies at people too.
His epredator handle is common across most games and platforms. It is part of his online persona, but heavily integrated with his real life one. Things may be digital but they are still real.
He used to use just Predator because he was good at instinctively hunting down bugs. However, then the 20th Century Fox movie and characters appeared and it became a much more common name and handle. The Yautja offering an honourable and strong character to identify with too. In the late 90’s everything was getting e put on the front of it, ebusiness, ecommerce. So in part a joke he added the e. It stuck.
Epredator became a well known handle through the rise of virtual worlds such as Second Life in 2006-2009. By sharing his ideas with colleagues he became known as a metaverse evangelist. Travelling the world explaining why you don’t need to travel the world when you can meet in a virtual world full of expression and fun.
He is not all digital though, he is a Head Instructor in the self defence martial art Choi Kwang Do. His wife and two children (the latter are both now black belts too) all practice the art.

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