Conversing on a Higher Level

by – Ellen Marie Blend (Author)

A Shared Soul Concept 

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Book Description:

Ellen Blend finds herself immersed in a whirlwind relationship with a gentleman having the soul of her previous lover. She and the new man recognize that their meeting was not by chance, but from a greater power. Since the gentlemen’s backgrounds and characteristics have profound similarities, she realizes that a supernatural experience has come into her life. She knows that a shared soul happens when one soul chooses to inhabit another’s body for a specific purpose and period in time. She and her new mate find themselves in a penetrating love story while the shared souls converse on a higher level.

Reviews for the Book

Reading Ellen's book was like having a cup of coffee with a friend. Ellen writes like she's telling you a diary of her life and sharing her innermost secrets. It is a remarkable story of a soul transferring itself to another human being to complete karma. I had no intention of reading the whole book, but I read it straight through. Gail Rubens, Michigan --Gail Rubens, Michigan

About the Author: Ellen Marie Blend

Ellen Marie Blend

What began as a tug on the heart, an eerie emotion that pulled at her chest, started a career for Ellen of writing about personal, spiritual and inexplicable encounters. In her quest to find answers, her meditative state began to open up other psychic channels.

Visual images began to appear in her mind’s eye. They were symbolic in nature, and caused her to search again for answers in regard to these visions. Other spiritual interactions came into play such as receiving signs and cues from everyday life happenings. She soon learned to accept these forms of communication as logical endorsements to her thinking.

The use of other mediums offered some intrigue, such as Tarot cards, divining rods, and a crystal ball. Even though these produced extraordinary results, more notable were her innate abilities to transmit telepathically with a soul mate and receive communication from souls passed on. This caused her to continue writing and another book began, and another, and another, and another.

Ellen creates a mystique in her writing just by citing everyday life experiences. She is quick to document those incidents that make an impression with her as to not doubt what she saw and felt long after its occurrence.

If you like a symbolic spiritual mystery with feeling, Ellen has stories to tell. She captures the hearts of those interested in the supernatural as she explicitly portrays an esoteric extension of herself. She writes, “A creation within the mind’s eye tells something about the person’s soul, their very spirit, and their internal being—just for the asking!”