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A Little-Pinch-of-Murder Cozy Mystery (A Little-Pinch-of-Murder Cozy Mysteries Book 2) 

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Book Description:

Towering Wedding Cakes, Cookies, & Delicious Tarts…And A Big Crime

Cookied: A Little-Pinch-of-Murder Series Cozy Mystery

Discover a sweet and savory novel from popular writer Miranda Rose Barker, where she masterfully combines intrigue and suspense into a light, fast-paced story perfect for fans of culinary cozy mysteries.

When Lydia Hewitt, a dedicated and confident baker, started her own baking business in the small tourist town of Park Perdsor, Rhode Island, she was pleased with her bakery.

But then, as she was making progress toward her grand opening, strange things started to happen.

On day 1 on the job, Callie, her newly hired assistant, discovers the dead body of a man in the bakery when they are just starting to open.

“I first saw Callie standing still, her face in shock. As I approached her, I followed her eyeline to see a man lying on the ground.

“Oh my God!” The sight of him caused me to jump a little. Of all the ways I expected my day to go, this was maybe the least expected.

“He’s dead!” Callie gasped. I wasn’t sure what to think or what to do at first. I just stared at this man, whom I did not know, lying dead in my kitchen. He didn’t look that much older than me.”

It soon becomes clear that the “Grand Opening Day”, will be one of the biggest challenges Lydia will ever face.

What was the man’s motivation for breaking into the bakery? Who Killed Him – and Why There?

Reviews for the Book

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The characters were well-written and fun to read. The story had enough twists and turns that it kept me guessing. A fun whodunnit with a surprise ending. I received an advanced copy of the book and am voluntarily leaving this review.
- BrendaJ Stenstrom

About the Author: Miranda Rose Barker

Miranda Rose Barker has enjoyed the company of dogs from the age of 7. She only later discovered the rewarding world of dog rescues in her mid-30’s and since then, has lived with eight rescue dogs, including large and small mixed breeds from German shepherds and doodle dogs to some purebreds (schnauzers and other terriers).

A lifelong writer, she began writing fiction in 2000 and has loved bringing rescue dogs and their humans together in her books for years. She also enjoys walking and reading books about dogs as well as cozy mysteries.

Miranda Rose lives in southern California where she is often out looking for the next rescue pup to add to her pack (or a friend’s pack).

Check out more of Miranda Rose Barker’s latest titles in her cozy mystery series (Tansy & Hank Pet Psychic Cozy Mysteries; Sycamore Grove Paranormal Cozy Mysteries; Near-To-Home Mysteries; Sweets of Saltcaster Cozy Mysteries), clean dog lovers’ rescue romance books, very human dog lover stories, dogs are family too stories, and more. Please click FOLLOW above if you would like to be updated on her latest releases on Amazon.

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