adfsddWhat would happen if a frog were to find a classic car in a swamp? Where would he go? How would he do it? Who would he take with him? When might he do it?
This is a tale of a frog and his friends as they venture out into the swamp where they live. Coqui is a frog with lots of energy and his need to include his friends.
He is not your typical swamp frog. He thinks fast and reacts even faster.

Enjoy reading this story as much as Coqui enjoyed going on his adventure.

Written and Illustrated by Peter L Brown

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About the Author

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design where I received a BFA in Illustration. While at RISD, I experimented with different media choices, Animation, Illustration and even Digital Illustration. While at RISD, I attended a summer program in Rome. It was during this course of studies, I added  a new illustration style to my repertoire.

After graduation, I returned to the New York City area, I created graphic work for several online based companies, freelanced toy design and worked for a period of time in retail sales. I spent part-time taking graduate studies courses in computer graphics and other illustration based courses between Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts.

Never losing sight of my creative dreams, I always sketched and conceptualized ideas. It is here where I newly concentrated on freelance illustration which includes cartooning, children’s book illustration and animation storyboards. Which led to a current study in character animation. And beyond that, who knows. Any experience is an experience that can lead to inspiration.

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