dfddThis is the debut collection for Trevor Alan & Tracy L’amoure, also known as TnT. It introduces them occupying their place in the erotisphere. It also reveals their main character, Count Magus. This contains the first two stories of the Count Magus Paranormal Erotica Series.

‘It’s All About Cait’ is the first story chronologically. It presents her as the co-star and reveals some of the mysteries about the Count, his estate, and his staff. Cait experiences her first of three days in his seductive world.

‘Girls’ Friday Fireworks’ takes place the week after Cait visited the Count. Two of her experienced girlfriends, of the platonic nature, introduce her to the life change she has only begun to experience. Her visit with the Count has lasting consequences, and now her girlfriends ‘ease her’ into them becoming far more than platonic.

In these first two instalments, mystery and seduction fills the arteries and veins of the stories. Sex in all its expressions are possible with a particular emphasis on bondage pleasuring and BDSM. The latter is a common thread that does and will run through all the Count Magus stories. There are no cliffhangers but you will pant for more.

In this first volume, you will also find a bonus Urban Erotic Romance. ‘Deconstructing Irene’ is a story in the real world in which forty-something Irene chases the elusive ‘True Love.’ She believes it is not a something restricted to fairytales. This is a stand-alone short story.

This collection is intended for mature adults only. It contains graphic sexual situations and harsh language.

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“I love reading COUNT MAGUS # 1”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Diane Valterra

I love reading COUNT MAGUS # 1… WOW… I am going to have to read again and again… Pick up this book today you will not be disappointed…

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