vfsgfsCounting Magpies is Alexandra’s second anthology. It is based on, ‘One for Sorrow’, the popular children’s nursery rhyme and skipping song. The theme of the book looks at superstition, longing and loss, death, betrayal, and the predicament of life.

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“you won’t be disappointed!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JennyL

Counting Magpies is a gem of a poetry anthology by a poet who is exceptionally skilled at evoking deep emotion and bright imagery for the reader. Alex Carr-Malcolm touches the heart and warms the spirit, her poems speak to me, almost as if they can see inside me and hear my own narrative on life. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

About the Author

I was born in 1965 and lived in Chesterfield, Derbyshire until I was 19 years old. I moved to Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in the 1980’s. Growing up surrounded by such beautiful rolling countryside has definitely inspired my writing.

I started writing poetry many years ago, often keeping ideas, words, and verses penned in the backs of diaries, journals, scribbled on envelopes, bits of paper and even stored on my mobile phone.

I work as a British Sign Language Interpreter which feeds my passion for language. Interpreting is more than a job, it is a vocation.

My work is based on my personal experiences from my weird and wonderful life; my mother used to joke that my life story would make a best-selling trilogy for Catherine Cookson, and even then it would be considered too unbelievable.

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