Counting The Seconds

Except this time, Time has stopped. Completely.
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Book Description:

If a person is in grave danger, time will slow down around them to give them a chance to survive. The bigger the danger, the slower the time. This phenomenon may only occur once in a person’s life. Except this time, Time has stopped. Completely.

Counting the Seconds is structured a little differently from most of the stories I read, with a journal or day-by-day format that took me by surprise. While that isn't my usual, I found myself drawn in quickly, and both the story and characters were relatable and interesting. It's a shorter story, so for a quick read, I feel my time was well spent!

-- Casey White

I. Ogunbase (Author)

I. Ogunbase is an up and coming author starting with his first book, ‘Counting The Seconds’, and the recently released ‘Alpha’, which is the first book of ‘The Hierarchy Trilogy’. He’s an avid reader with some of his favourite books including the ‘Wheel of Time’ series, the ‘Malazan’ series, the ‘Harry Potter’ series, the ‘Old Kingdom’ series and alike. As his influences, he enjoys writing and musing about fantastical and supernatural stories. He also likes to dabble in answering random writing prompts around the internet, across different genres as it ‘gives him a chance to exercise his literary muscles whenever he can’. When not writing, or working, he spends his time either playing video games, coding, reading comics and novels or enjoying movies with his fiancee and friends. He currently lives in London, United Kingdom.

Except this time, Time has stopped. Completely.

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