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The book CRASH LANE NEWS, is about travel advice.

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Crash Lane News, book party and tour started at the Book Expo of America in the Author Hub, May 2014, and the New Title Showcase in 2015.

Crash Lane News, was also advertised at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas.

Crash Lane News, book party tour ended at the Boston Book Festival, October 2015, where the book was displayed and available to buy at the Independent Publishers of New England Booth.

Crash Lane News, is an Indie Fab Book of the Year Travel Finalist for 2015.

Crash Lane News was advertised at the 2017 American Library Association in Chicago at booth 2535, The Reference Shelf, and at the 2016 American Library Association as a Finalist in the Indie Fab Book of the Year Awards.

The self-help and travel book, CRASH LANE NEWS, is a 2018 Notable Book Winner from Shelf Unbound. Check out the award at

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New book ‘Crash Lane News’ is 2015’s scientific, comprehensive self-help travel resource presents original, simplified point of view about travel to help readers travel safer

CALIFORNIA — The new book, “Crash Lane News” (published by AuthorHouse) from, combines security strategies and plans to help bring awareness to, and improve, traveler safety across the 50 United States, U.S. Territories and allies of the U.S. like South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.

By combining stories of real-life situations with interviews and statistics, hopes to appeal to travelers who are looking for more than just dry news, but rather an all-inclusive story-based format that will appeal to their logical sides as well as their curiosity about real-life experiences.

Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Department of Transportation and many more is included alongside accident, violation and disaster rates. Also included are interviews with the CTIA-The Wireless Association public relations office, NASA’s Rani Gran, The National Weather Service, True Mileage’s CEO Ryan Morrison, National Weather Service Interviews with Meteorologist Glen Field in Taunton, Massachusetts; Meteorologist Larry Ruthi in Dodge City, Kansas; and with additional meteorologists in Honolulu, Hawaii; North Carolina; Peach Tree City, Georgia; and Slidell/New Orleans, Louisiana; AAA Auto Club’s Public Relations Officer, Cynthia Harris, of AAA’s Northern California, Nevada, and Utah regional office in San Francisco, California; National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Public Affairs Director Frank Scafidi and more. Travel advice for travelers is included from the Department of the State and the FCC.

An excerpt from “Crash Lane News”:
     “In the years after 9/11 there was a big issue and discussion about how there is a lack of transparency in the United States about information relating to Homeland Security and disasters like Hurricane Katrina. The lack of transparency in the military, and what later happened to many of those that volunteered to serve the United States is horrific. But with all the casualties, injuries, and failures, change to correct these errors can be made.”’s vision is to help travelers develop comprehensive plans for their own safety.

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Reviews for the Book

For any adventurer with a desire to travel, “Crash Lane News” proves itself to be a helpful companion on any trip. There are things that travelers don’t always consider when embarking on a new trip. From miscellaneous items to safety equipment, it could all get overlooked when preparing for the next adventure. “Crash Lane News” is just the reminder that any traveler needs. This book provides helpful information, instructions, and tips, all in the form of aesthetically pleasing charts, tables, and lists, to make sure readers have the best, and safest, vacation possible.
The book’s focus is primarily on traveler safety and preparing for every possible circumstance. “Crash Lane News” describes the effects of natural disasters, particularly on travelers. Through the recounting of the events during Typhoon Nabi, “Crash Lane News” effectively drives home the point of listening to warnings when it comes to natural disasters. Many people often underestimate news and forecast warnings, especially if they are travelling somewhere new, but this book provides readers with a reason to start paying attention. By using a story of actual events, “Crash Lane News” teaches travelers that it could happen to them as well.
Using another true-life natural disaster story, “Crash Lane News” also teaches readers of safety when traveling after a storm has passed, this time with a natural disaster famous to the United States. Many knew that Hurricane Katrina would devastate many communities, but they didn’t know that the after-effects would be just as bad. By providing several true accounts of accidents and troubles that happened after the hurricane had completely passed, including stranded travelers who couldn’t get back to their loved ones because of delays and closings, “Crash Lane News” provides a fair warning for those looking to travel to recently affected areas.
To close off their warnings about traveler safety, “Crash Lane News” preached to travelers about being aware of common weather patterns in areas they are planning to visit. This book tells readers to do their research before starting to make plans. Awareness is key and “Crash Lane News” advocates just that. There is always potential for severe weather and the safest thing any traveler can do is be prepared for anything they may encounter. “Crash Lane News” educates every reader in all safety measures they need to take before embarking on a journey.
“Crash Lane News” is an effective learning tool for anyone who loves to travel or plans on doing a lot of traveling in the future. By using detailed and real eyewitness accounts, adventurers can learn to be aware of their surroundings and come to know potential threats by reading “Crash Lane News.” It is a must read for those who love to explore new places. All of the safety tips given in this book can be implemented by any traveler at any time, making this book the most practical of its kind. -Jennifer