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CRASH LANE NEWS, is 2015’s scientific, comprehensive self-help travel resource.

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Book Description:

The book CRASH LANE NEWS, is about travel advice. The book is about self-help, and comprehensive trip planning.

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CRASH LANE NEWS, is 2015’s scientific, comprehensive self-help travel resource.

CRASH LANE NEWS, presents original and simplified points of view about travel to help readers travel safer.

The new book, CRASH LANE NEWS, combines security strategies from Officials in the U.S. Government, and Professional Travelers. The book brings awareness, improving traveler safety across the 50 United States, U.S. Territories, and the World.

By combining stories of real-life situations with interviews and statistics, CRASH LANE NEWS, hopes to appeal to travelers who are looking for more than just dry news, but rather an all-inclusive story-based format that will appeal to their logical sides as well as their curiosity about real-life experiences.

Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Department of Transportation is included. There are interviews with the CTIA-The Wireless Association Public Relations Office, NASA, The National Weather Service, True Mileage, National Weather Service Interviews with Meteorologist in Norton & Boston, Massachusetts; Dodge City, Kansas; Honolulu, Hawaii; North Carolina; Peach Tree City, Georgia; and Slidell/New Orleans, Louisiana; AAA Auto Club’s Public Relations Officer in AAA’s Northern California, Nevada, and Utah regional office in San Francisco, California; and the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Public Affairs Director. Travel advice is included from the Department of the State, and the FCC.

Thank you for traveling safely.

Reviews for the Book

If you worry about your safety on the road, Crash Lane News will serve as your bible. It’s not just a self-help book, it’s a highly informative book that will give you a clear picture of the accidents that plague the roads of New York as well as fabrication of the data by the media.
The book provides clear insights into the violations that can land you a ticket or worse, get you involved in an accident. For example, among the 15 violations that cause accidents are: Improper lane change, Driving under the influence, and Improper passing etc. The book manages to make the reader aware of the dangers of the road and identify risks for drivers.
As drivers, we are hardly concerned about factors like weather, natural hazards, and the geography. We are more concerned with what is ahead of us, what is driving by us, and whether we are driving in speed limit. This shortsightedness is also a major cause or road hazards accidents.
Crash Lane News stands out in this aspect because it makes you aware of such factors that seemingly don’t matter, but in actuality are crucial as you travel the roads. Weather, most of all, has been termed as a threatening force to road traffic. However, the FMCSA and the law enforcements fail to notify drivers about weather hazards, and as a result, drivers fail to make adequate preparations. Most of the crashes are blamed on vehicles and drivers are left at fault. If accurate information is provided to the public, most crashes caused by weather conditions can be avoided.
Chapter 5, “Travelers should know Typhoons Are Hurricanes”, inform the drivers of the disasters that typhoons can cause and the type of prevention that is necessary in such conditions. Readers who worry about their safety in such conditions will be delighted with the thoroughness this chapter goes into, not only to provide details but also give readers safety directions.
Although published in 2015, the book will stay relevant for years to come. The credit goes to the in-depth approach the author has usedto consider every vehicle that graces the roads of U.S. and all the information is well cited, giving it complete authenticity and credibility. The sheer number of charts and facts and figures make it worthy a read, although not all information will be up every reader’s alley.
The Crash Table for example, lists almost every state in U.S. and the number of actual crashes and accidents that took place. The in-depth table is highly useful since one cannot get the same kind of info from news channels or media reports. You can download the charts in the book with the provided links to the website as well.
With many anecdotes from citizens of U.S and their real life experience, this makes a great read for any person who wants solutions for road safety. It is only a matter of time when drivers and traffic authorities will understand the impact of Crash Lane News. -	Michael John