Crazy For Love by Tahnee Fritz

Colton never thought he’d have anything to be afraid of. With a sheriff for a father, the fear should have been drove right out of him. Instead, he’s forced to watch his back, knowing the black car will forever be in his rearview mirror. He jumps at the sound of his cell phone, afraid to answer to the red headed beauty who only wants to hear his voice. Moving back home with his parents should have made his life easier.

He never expected a stranger to fall hopelessly in love with him so soon.
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“A rare beast in romance genre”

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There are hundreds romance books with female protagonist and proactive and very obsessive male romantic interest, so I thought “hm, I wonder if there is genderbend version of that, there gotta be, right?”. Turns out no, there are like 5 and most of them not even romance, but horror/thriller with very unlikeable lead and romantic interest.

So this is where this book comes in:
Usually in stories with one character being obsessed with other they shown as psychopaths, who will stop at nothing including hurting and terrorizing object of their desire. What I like here is that romantic interest, Sidney, is not like that. Sure, she’s obsessive to the point of stalking and if push comes to shove she’s capable of drastic measures, but when she discovers that it worries Colton, she rethinks her strategy for his sake. Protagonist Colton also likeable, fresh out of relationship he’s still loyal to his partner and all he wants is friendship.

Overall, I really liked this book due to unusual topic, nice characters and positive tone even though there are some twists. I wish there was sequel, I want to see more of Sydney and Colton…

About the Author

Born in 1988, I grew up in a small city in southeast Iowa. Since middle school, I knew writing was all I wanted to do with my life. Whether it’s poetry or zombies or a suspenseful kidnapping story, I love letting my mind run loose on the pages. I studied creative writing and English at Southeastern Community College and all throughout high school. Being a novelist has always been a dream of mine and I’ll never give that up.

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