5186SIPyaLL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_Jimmy, one of October’s friends, is having an affair with Kaitlyn, October’s soon to be wife. And Jimmy has fallen in love with Kaitlyn. But things become complicated when October tells Jimmy that he has a suspicious feeling Kaitlyn is seeing another man. That when he finds out who this man is he is going to kill him. This sends Jimmy off into another direction. He now knows he will have to kill October… before October kills him. Meanwhile. A young woman enters the lives of October and Kaitlyn. And when they find out who this young woman is the game becomes much more interesting… and deadly!

Cynthia’s best friend Alison suspects there was foul play in her death. Along with Darrin, the man who was madly in love with Cyn, Alison looks into Cyn’s death. A journey that will take her and Darrin on the darkest ride of their lives!

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About the Author

Now-a-days I’m an amateur sleuth in the Fort Washington Maryland area. I’m 16 and I go to Friendly High School. Read my first crime case The Fly Bettys.

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