“Create the Change You Want to See: Key strategies that fuel your succes”

This book is a guide for anyone who desires to create more of what they want in their personal and professional life.
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This is a great book for anyone who feels stuck where they are in their lives and just can’t seem to move forward, whether it's a specific goal or finding one’s life’s purpose. Great practical ideas and resources abound to help you follow through on your goals and continue moving forward. Fascinating and enchanting personal stories of people who overcame what held them back with approaches like the ones described in Create the Change You Want to See, are interwoven throughout. One of the most important and extremely helpful aspects of the book are the Action Steps, Activity Steps and questions the authors propose. They really help you be aware, analyze, reflect, and clarify your thoughts and actions and answering them makes this a self help book that can actually help you rather than just ending up sitting on your bookshelf.

-- Lamb Chop
Book Description:

If you have unfulfilled dreams or goals about becoming, achieving, and having more in your life, you’ve found the right book.

You have tremendous potential and great possibilities available to you in many aspects of your life.  But most people don’t really understand or believe that to be true. And, if they do, the challenge is figuring out what they are and how to turn them into reality.  They continually struggle and often give up.

This book is a guide for anyone who desires to create more of what they want in their personal and professional life.  

What stops us from ever realizing our true potential is that we were never taught the universal principles that govern our lives. Sadly, it is possible to devote twelve or more years obtaining a formal education and not be exposed to the concepts that can impact your ability to have what you want in your life.

Concepts like:

  • The power of your beliefs, habits  and decisions in creating your future
  • How to think differently and why it’s critical to creating what you want
  • How to use affirmations and visualization to re-program your mind for success

We rarely, if ever, are taught to question our beliefs or how they affect the things we do or don’t do in life. As we get older, the tendency is to take a passive approach to the occurrences of life, never stopping to examine how or why things happen to us. And so, we tend to operate in reaction mode. Eventually, we come to believe that we have very little control of what life gives us. Perhaps, this resignation is the greatest cause of unhappiness and a lack of success or fulfillment in our life.

The fact is, there are reasons why people have floundered, struggled or have even given up on achieving their goals.

More importantly, there are key strategies you can use to finally make your dreams a reality.

As you read and grow on your journey, you will begin to understand how these Universal Principles work and how you can employ them to take charge of your life and change your circumstances, regardless of your starting point.

You’ll hear about people, from professional athletes to everyday people, who have used these strategies in their lives; strategies which will do the same for you if you use them to take action.

We want the information in this book to have an impact, to actually change your life.

For that to happen, you need to participate in this book, not just read it.

In Create the Change You Want to See: key strategies to fuel your success, you will learn the three critical elements that determine your ability to get what you want in life.

Holding the right Beliefs
Making the right Decisions (in 3 critical areas)
Forming the right Habits

Additionally, to prepare your mind to utilize these powerful elements, this book will introduce you to cognitive action steps which form a foundation for change and empower you to be the creator of what you want in your life.

With simple, easy to follow exercises throughout the book, you will be guided to not just learn, but to actually implement what you are learning.

It’s time for you to take control of your beliefs, decisions and habits. It’s time to create change that will rock your world.

“Create the Change You Want to See: Key strategies that fuel your  success,” gives you the keys to create what you want in all areas of your life.

Ski Swiatkowski - Jim Donovan (Author)
About Ski Swiatkowski As a former collegiate and semi-professional football player, then later, as a lacrosse player and coach, “Ski” Swiatkowski found himself in the right environments to study and analyze the areas of personal development, performance improvement, and leadership; subjects that fascinated him. His forty years in management and corporate leadership provided him with a laboratory in which to test the practicality of various theories and trends in performance improvement and people development. Armed with the wisdom he received during the struggles along his journey to success, he has developed a passion for helping people discover and tap into their God-given potential. As a person who loves to teach and coach, he earned the opportunities to train thousands of people in the financial services industry and to speak at conferences all across the country. Through his speaking, writing, consulting and coaching, he delivers messages that draw on lessons from the athletic field and the conference room in order to challenge people to achieve the results they want in their life and business. To learn more about Ski’s work, visit www.RadicalPerformance.net About Jim Donovan “My Passion is to Help You Create the Life You Were Born to Live” Jim Donovan is known as one of the most inspiring people in the personal development industry. Called “The original feel good guy,” due to his ability to bring out the best in people, he openly shares his own personal struggles and challenges. Jim delivers a message of hope and possibility to everyone he comes in contact with. Facing his own “demons” and overcoming impossible odds, he is able to see the potential in others even when they themselves cannot and his absolute refusal to accept limits, either in himself or others enables him to bring out the best in those who he encounters. Several of Jim’s books have been proclaimed self-help classics and have inspired people of all ages and from all walks of life. His seminars have motivated audiences from single parents trying to get off welfare to company managers and business owners who want to achieve greater results. Beyond simple inspiration and motivation, Jim provides people with workable strategies that enable them to take charge of their own destiny and reach their full potential. For almost two decades he has positively impacted the lives of more than a million people worldwide and continues to do so today. Jim’s driving principle is that “Within you is the power to change your life” and that we are, in fact, capable of creating the life we’ve always wanted. If you want to read the whole, unvarnished story, read on . . . Many years ago, after working for two major television networks, I started my own business. I was cool. I had the fancy cars, my own company, glamorous girlfriends and all the trappings of so-called “success.” The problem was I also had a lot of very unproductive habits and an out of control lifestyle. These habits combined with my success became “my ego run wild” and led me to spend 10 years on a downward spiral. Being raised in New York City, I decided to move to Boston and, after a few years, moved to California, looking for a better life. While there, I lived in 11 apartments in four years, and finally wound-up back in New York City where, sinking as low as I could stand – I was living in what was one of the toughest areas in New York City – I finally reached out for help. I had hit my bottom. I surrendered the care of my life to a Higher Power, who I choose to call God. During this time I had endured every imaginable indignation yet never saw myself as being responsible for creating them. At one point, I lived in a car. I slept in Battery Park, something I do not reccommend, and SRO’s (single room occupancys) in Manhattan and the Bronx. These are places where you live in a small room and share a bathroom with several strangers. Quite interesting. I believe it was the hand of God that pulled me from what would have surely been the end of my life and started me in an entirely new direction, one that would take me to heights I had never even dreamed of. A little at a time my life got better. I went from collecting welfare and food stamps to earning a decent income and then, once again, started my own business. This time with a much better perspective on things. For me to learn what really mattered in life, I had to first lose everything. Only then would I give up my denial and open my mind to a higher order of living. During this time of rebuilding my life, I became a student of personal development and self-help, reading hundreds of books and listening to audios and, later on, attending seminars. After doing this for several years, and seeing how, as a result, my life kept getting better and better, I started writing as a way to share with others some of what I was learning. My simple newsletter “Jim’s Jems” grew and, over time, became the basis of my first book Handbook to a Happier Life. I had found my purpose and my life’s mission. I continued writing and giving seminars to a vast variety of groups, delivering my simple message that, “Within you is the power to change your life.” Today I have written several books which have been published in more than 20 countries and have created several personal development audio programs. I am a certified business coach and help people learn how to create quantum growth in their business by harnessing the powers of the law of attraction and other universal laws. I am privileged to speak to groups of people from every walk of life, sharing my message of hope and possibility. Whether speaking for corporations, associations or non-profit agencies, I am passionate about helping people create the life that they were born to live. I’ve delivered seminars and workshops for small businesses, chambers of commerce, hospital administrators, nurses, women-owned businesses, trade associations, school faculty, government employees, high school and college students, network marketing companies, and others. Something I’m proud of is that, for over ten years, I have delivered my Yes You Can seminar to inmates at correctional centers and youth centers, in an effort to help those who are ready for change. To say that I am blessed is a huge understatement. Today my life has meaning and purpose and I live what I can only call a “magical life.” What’s important about all of this is, I know deep inside, that anyone can have a better life. All it takes is a belief, a vision, and an action plan, and the “faith of mustard seed.” I am available to speak to business groups, associations, and government agencies. My books are available wherever books are sold and a complimentary subscription to my “Jim’s Jems” newsletter, published since 1991, is available, along with a free gift, at www.JimDonovan.com
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