Creek Bait

Creek Bait is a collection of fourteen stories, exploring a range of genres.

CREEK BAIT is a collection of fourteen stories exploring a range of genres. Each story portrays the world of characters who escape from life. Some succeed, others face heartbreak and the lucky ones find redemption. From the isolation of a husband and wife to a magician who offers a ray of hope reading these stories is a journey that is passionate, surprising, sad and sometimes tragic.
Fourteen stories in all, CREEK BAIT is everything a short story collection ought to be: it’s impressively varied; compulsively readable; and displays a natural writer’s talent for capturing plot, tone, character traits quickly, as short fiction requires.
Red City Review

Each story unfolds like a butterfly’s wing; delicate, observational, and ultimately thought-provoking. Even those which are whimsical in nature contain a depth of experience that leads readers to reflect on accidental meetings, marriage and aging, journeys begun and concluded, and the nature of existence between life and death.
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