She had power at her fingertips, but the world had other ideas.

Magic was the last thing on Tabia’s mind — until she discovered she could use it. When her father hands her over to the princess of a neighbouring country to pay his debts, she may have the chance to learn how to control her new abilities. But her new mistress’ enemies have plans of their own. Caught up in a web of divided loyalties, coercion and betrayal, Tabia can trust no one.
Can she find a way to regain her freedom and return home — or will the struggle cost her the ultimate price?

Crimson Fire is the first in a fantasy series.

Feel the fire.
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“Great start to this magical series”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Debbie Richardson

The books starts with Tabia who is handed over to a rich princess to repay a debt her father has incurred. The two characters develop a love for one another and then the princess is betrayed and killed by her sisters. For me, the story got interesting when the rich princess was killed because I didn’t really like her, although though the relationship is crucial to this storyline so it has to be there. In fact it ties in to the overall plot and fuels the ‘fire’ in Tabia. A very enjoyable read that put many a smile on my face with the humour and witty dialogue. I look forward to reading more of this adventure.

About the Author

Mirren Hogan lives in NSW Australia with her husband, two daughters, dog, cat, rabbits and countless birds. She has a Bachelor of Arts (English/ history), a Graduate Diploma of Arts (writing) and a couple of degrees in education. She writes fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction, as well as historical fiction.

Her debut novel —Crimson Fire— was released by The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing in October 2016.

Burning Willow Press will be releasing Nightmares Rise – co-authored by Erin Yoshikawa – on April 8.

Sands Press will release historical fiction titled Night Witches On March 15.

Mirren also had several short stories published and has co-edited two charity anthologies; for breast cancer research and Plan Australia.

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