He killed her ex.
Now she has something he wants.
Can Lacey keep from being his next victim?

Small town baker Lacey Greene has never had great luck with men. But finding her ex-boyfriend murdered behind her bakery is a new low. Now she’s being stalked and threatened by the murderer. Lacey finds her quiet, Central California world turned upside down as she tries to find the stalker before its too late.
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“A good cozy from a new author”

Five Star Review on Amazon By johnc57

Lacey Greene was a relatively happy owner of a bakery business. What do you call a bad day? No matter how many bad experiences you had Lacey probably beat you. Not only her new boyfriend broke up with her in the most spectacular fashion right in the middle of her dining room full of customers, he also had a bad grace to be killed by the bakery’s back door. Oh, and to top it off somebody broke into the said bakery at night. And Lacey was having a really bad hangover having celebrated her (now dead) boyfriend breaking up with her the night before.

This however was only the beginning for Lacey as the unknown killer seemed to be determined to make her life as exciting as possible using different but always shocking methods. Luckily for Lacey she had two handsome guys to protect her – from the killer, but not from her own actions.

I already mentioned one negative side: a much-dreaded love triangle. In this book however it never took the central stage and played more or less casual role never getting in the way of the actual mystery.

Speaking about the mystery it was quite good. The tale came very close to being called thriller, but in the end managed to remain on the side of cozy mystery: practically all gruesome detailed were left behind the scene. This is always a plus for me as I feel our modern society had more than enough real-life gruesome happenings.
Cozy Mystery

The plot was fast-moving and interesting enough to make this a good and easy read; it was never boring. On the other hand I noticed some typos in my copy, so people reacting badly to them should probably skip this edition until they are fixed.

My final rating would be 3.5 stars which I round up as an encouragement for a new author.

About the Author

Jennifer was born an raised in Southern California. After attending college in Northern California she got married and has since lived in Central California, Las Vegas, and the SF Bay Area. Jennifer is an avid reader of cozy mysteries and romantic suspense novels. She spent several years as a preschool teacher. These days she is a stay-at-home mom to a sassy toddler and a lazy black cat.

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