CRUSHING MEDIOCRITY by René Banglesdorf & Lisa Copeland

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Book Description

Mediocrity has become pervasive in our lives, our careers, and our society. Unless we make a concerted effort to rise above the status quo, the legacy we leave will be lackluster at best. In Crushing Mediocrity, authors René Banglesdorf and Lisa Copeland explore 10 tried-and-true principles women can apply to rise above the status quo and leave a legacy that makes a positive mark on their families, workplaces and communities.
Copeland, now a motivational speaker and automotive consultant, has owned a car dealership and served on the Fiat Chrysler Automobile National Dealer Council. In 2015, Automotive News named her as one of the Top 100 Women in Automotive. Banglesdorf is the owner and chief executive of Charlie Bravo Aviation, a private jet sales company in Austin, Texas. She sits on the board of the International Aviation Women’s Association and serves on the President’s Council of the National Air Transportation Association.
In Crushing Mediocrity, Banglesdorf and Copeland share experiences and principles that have helped them climb to the tops of their respective industries in spite of personal struggles with fear and failure, national and international recessions, changing market demands, and lack of formal training in some cases. They examine the importance of knowing your purpose, owning your choices, rising together with other women, standing out and using influence for good.
With real-life stories from their lives and those of other difference makers they know, Banglesdorf and Copeland provide a clear path to crushing mediocrity and rising above the status quo that reaches across all demographics and personality types.

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About the Author

Lisa Copeland

As Head of Automotive Retail Strategies at The Culture Works, I’m pursuing my passion to transform businesses and promote corporate civility & winning cultures.