Bells ringing and birds singing is the farthest thing from this crazy Cupcake summer!

Austin Wallace has had his eye on the scrumdilumptious Gwen Parks for quite some time and the moment of truth has arrived. After concocting a romantic proposal that includes a dozen tasty cupcakes and one heirloom ring, things get a bit sticky when the Ex comes sailing back into town.

Meanwhile, the other Parks sister, Tara, is doing a little mixology of her own. Tempers flare and wedding cake flies when Grandpa brings his much younger tart of a wife to the tasting. In the midst of butter-cream roses and vanilla cappuccino lattes, Grandma Evelyn dies unexpectedly bringing the body count to one.

While the Depoe Bay Police department investigates the sudden death, Captain Bridges is celebrating his birthday with four hundred crème filled cupcakes and a little thing called murder.

Everything is Upside-Down-Pineapple Cake insane, but who’s poisoning who? Will the Detectives uncover the source of the murderous elixir or will the wedding party be a party of one?
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Bulldog Reviews

SHAUNNA RODRIGUEZ certainly has the recipe for best seller & delectable stories down pat! Thus book kept me in the edge of my seat WITH more OMG did that just happen moments than I can count! It’s another all star cast with an epic plot and confessions that left me salivating for more! I’ll say thus author is notorious for leaving cliff hangers at the end which makes me grateful I had book three I. The series downloaded and ready to go! Better yet!!! I am not begin to Ash enough about this author and her dedication to her fans! I looked her up and told her in love with her series I am and she sent me autographed copies of each one!!! Agh! I can’t get enough of Tara, Corey and the rest if the gang but I will always remember thus authors generosity! Thank you, Shaunna! My first ever autographed books!!!!

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Best Selling Author of The Sweet Seduction Series. Everything is Upside-Down-Pineapple Cake insane, but who’s poisoning who?

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