Currents of Vengeance: A Darcy Farthing Novel

This novel explores the timely and all-too-real issues of crime, terrorism, and legal justice in international waters.
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Book Description:

The Darcy Farthing cruise adventure continues with Currents of Vengeance, a visually and emotionally rich story of personal greed and desperation set on a state-of-the-art luxury cruise ship and in beautiful historic South American seaports. This novel explores the timely and all-too-real issues of crime, terrorism, and legal justice in international waters. In this sequel to Currents Deep and Deadly, Darcy Farthing is home in Colorado adjusting to the press coverage of their ill-fated South American cruise and the success of her budding writing career. She is juggling her work at Shrinden Pharmaceuticals with trying to understand boyfriend Mick Clayton’s mysterious depression and anxiety, which apparently relate to the life-threatening wound he suffered on the cruise. Darcy wonders what happened to their romance, which blossomed a year ago on the Sea Nymph, but now seems to have fizzled. To make matters worse, her new daughter, Rachael, is encouraging Darcy’s unexpected attraction to her successful and wealthy travel industry executive ex-husband, Brooks Larkin. In a surprising turn of events, one year after their horrific cruise adventure, Darcy and Rachael agree to accompany Mick and now unemployed Tom Smythe, once the chief of security on the Sea Nymph, on a second cruise around South America. This time, Mick and Tom have teamed up to conduct a joint GAO/FBI Congressional investigation of the serious issue of unprosecuted crimes committed on cruise ships. They plan to use the project as a means to find evidence linking Paul Denezza, a ruthless Las Vegas casino owner, to the violence on the previous cruise. Paul has so far eluded prosecution for an alleged murder-for-hire plot aimed at his wife, Sidney who is Darcy’s best friend. Instead of the relaxing vacation, Darcy expects, she and her travel companions encounter more violence and madness when currents remaining from the first cruise rise to the surface threatening to pull them under. They soon realize that once again, the World of Seas Cruise Line cannot protect them when crimes on and off the ship become much too personal. Before this voyage is over, Mick’s emotional crisis nearly ends his life, Tom faces a bizarre attacker with an even more bizarre biological weapon and young Rachael experiences a tragedy that changes her life forever. A series of dangerous encounters reveals a cast of psychologically flawed passengers who are intent on seeking revenge against Darcy, her travel companions, and the cruise line.

“Currents of Vengeance” is the second book in the Darcy Farthing Novel/Mystery Series. The story takes place on the “Sea Nymph” cruise ship as in the previous book. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the first Darcy Farthing Novel as the author provides enough back story and delves into the psychological and emotional states of her characters so that this book makes for a great stand-alone story. Darcy and Mick each have their own reasons for returning to the “Sea Nymph”. Darcy is looking for a sense of peace and closure to all that has transpired in the previous months. Mick is hoping to heal from the trauma and investigate and close criminal cases. I had never given much thought to the legalities of “Criming while Cruising” other than knowing I never wanted to end up at the mercy of a foreign legal system. Criming at sea poses such prosecutorial red tape that bringing criminals to justice can be a daunting task. Jurisdictional issues along with incompetence on the part of foreign investigators can leave many crimes unsolved. Mick hopes to bring a killer to justice with the aid of the former head of cruise security and the FBI in his role as an investigator for the GAO. As Mick struggles to investigate unsolved crimes at sea due to PTSD from his previous near death experience a wave of new revenge based crimes begin. The title of this book is definitely fitting as vengeance for numerous perceived wrongs have deadly consequences. The danger becomes ever more present and Darcy, Mick and Rachael (Darcy’s “lost” daughter with whom she is just beginning to reconnect) are all affected by the currents of vengeance. As with other books in this series, this isn’t a simple whodunit. Alleman develops characters with their own multiplex of psychological struggles and does an outstanding job making the reader just as vested in the numerous sub-plots as the main storyline. I found “Currents of Vengeance” to be even more emotionally complex than the first book in the series, further endearing me to Darcy, Mick and Rachael.

-- G Jackson

Arleen Alleman (Author)

Arleen Alleman is a former senior analyst with the Government Accountability Office, where she wrote extensively on many topics ranging from satellite systems to endangered species. She has a Biology education and has also worked as a fashion model, insurance adjuster, jewelry designer, and owner of a home decor shop. Her interests include health and fitness, religious history, travel, and she is an avid reader. Born in England and raised in New Hampshire and Nevada, she has lived in Colorado for many years. For more information about the author, visit her website at Arleen recently published her first children’s book, a delightful lesson in unconditional love told by Mary and Her Big Cat Brain. The Darcy Farthing Adventures: Six contemporary, suspense-filled mysteries–Download to your Kindle now or buy a book to discover this unique thought-provoking series for yourself. Arleen has recently published 2nd editions of the first two books in the series with improved editing and lower prices. The series is unique in that it addresses contemporary social issues along with the murder-mystery elements of the stories. Themes addressed in the series include humanism, crime, family issues and adoption, PTSD, alternative lifestyles, government corruption, and cruise ship safety. “Currents of Sin” is the sixth and final book in the series. It explores the very real problem of human trafficking for prostitution among homeless teens in Las Vegas, while wrapping up elements of the characters’ lives. The fifth Darcy Farthing adventure, “A Current Deception”, explores themes of computer hacking, identity theft, and long-held grudges and revenge played out on a cruise ship sailing around Australia. It is murder-mystery with the added plots of a yellow crazy ant infestation as well as food-borne pathogens. The fourth Darcy Farthing adventure “Alternate Currents” was a finalist in Foreword Reviews Magazine’s 2013 Indie Book of the Year Awards. This is a timely topical story of mystery, child abduction, and murder set in Seattle, WA. Darcy rushes to the aid of a good friend, Don Freeburg, when his partner, Charlie Scott, disappears. She is soon immersed in a murder investigation and the shocking abduction of Penelope, Don and Charlie’s daughter by surrogacy. The first two novels in the series are based on crime and mystery aboard cruise ships. The third in series “Current Assets” is set in South Florida and involves local corruption, terrorism, and the U.S. Marshals asset forfeiture program. These three novels won “Best Trilogy of 2012” by

This novel explores the timely and all-too-real issues of crime, terrorism, and legal justice in international waters.

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