D’Agosta by Gini Bond

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Book Description:

51N+oIyYzdL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_In order to save his own life, Antonio D’Agosta betrays Jezzy, the sorceress he loves, to death. Her dying breath curses him to live eternally, never able to touch a woman without driving her mad. He is pursued through the centuries by her vampiric servant, who is driven to take vengeance on D’Agosta once and for all. When he meets Constance, however, it’s no longer an acceptable existence. When Constance is framed by his nemesis for a series of brutal murders, D’Agosta must make a choice that will either free him forever or condemn the woman he loves to death–again.

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About the Author

Gini Bond lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Michael. She is the author of “Jacob’s Promise,” “The Reign,” “The Shadow of the Legend,” “The Flavor of Falling,” and “D’Agosta.”

D’Agosta by Gini Bond

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