adcsdDamaged Goods is a powerful, hard-hitting story about three sisters who are subjected to a childhood of unrelenting abuse at the hands of their father.
The girls create a strange, unnatural world for themselves in their desperate efforts to survive their violent, isolated prison, but it is human nature to seek escape, and each of them chooses a different path out of their own personal nightmare.
The eldest, Sis, chooses biological escape in a world where being a girl is fraught with danger, and becomes a man woman. The youngest, Sweetypie, loses her mind to flee her own reality, and becomes a child woman. The middle sister, Helen, first takes the ultimate revenge to save her sisters and then puts the distance of geography between herself and her past, becoming a woman to be envied and admired by all.
Fifty years after leaving, Helen returns to her childhood home to find Sis and Sweetypie much as she had left them. Or so it seems at first, until she discovers secrets within secrets and an act of vengeance that still haunts their lives. So begins a journey for each of them that will ultimately end in tragedy, closure and release.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Katka

What a horrific, terrifying, yet beautiful story about survivors of the most heinous sin and crime known to man. I devoured this book in less than 12 hours, tense with revulsion, sick in the pit of my stomach, tears streaming down my face yet hopeful and overjoyed that such pure love between sisters could survive despite a hell such as theirs.

I loved the author’s ability to transport me to the lush rainforests of Australia with her rich palette of words, the surrounding beauty of the wild land made the story easier to bear, somehow. Amidst such horror and filth, the beauty of love and nature still endures.

This is my second story from C.A. Hocking, and I will be reading more from this wonderfully talented author.

About the Author

C. A. HOCKING is an Australian Independent Author. She was born in Adelaide, South Australia, but has lived in various parts of the country in rural and city lifestyles. Her first novel, A PLACE IN TIME, was shortlisted for an Australian literary award in 2007. Two more novels have since been published – DAMAGED GOODS and HOME TO ROOST. These first three novels are dark dramatic fiction, but the next novel, SARAH ANN ELLIOTT is a Victorian family saga based on a true story.
A humorous novel, OLD FARTS ON A BUS, and a children’s series, THE AUNT EDNA SERIES, are also nearing completion. She has a TV series looking for a home and several more novels on the way.
C. A. HOCKING now lives in Canberra (the Australian National Capital) with her husband and laptop.

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