by – Jim Duke (Author)

The Memoir Of A Half-Assed Cowboy

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Book Description:


Journey through the dusty plains of Texas and the rugged mountains of Colorado in author Jim Duke’s debut, DANCES WITH DONKEYS: The Memoir Of A Half-Assed Cowboy—the often hilarious, occasionally poignant, sometimes hair-raising, and always entertaining tales of a man who dropped out of high school and took off for Texas to become a cowboy.

In this captivating memoir, Duke recounts his adventures and ass-inine misadventures with mules, donkeys and horses as he introduces readers to the complexity and variety of personalities among these intelligent creatures. Through prose and poetry, he shows the deep bond that can form between humans and equines.

Whether you’re a fan of cowboy culture or just love a good memoir, DANCES WITH DONKEYS is reminiscent of cowboy poet laureate Baxter Black with a twist in the saddle. You’ll laugh your “ass” off and come away with a whole new understanding of why little boys and girls grow up dreaming of being cowboys. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind journey into the heart of the American West.

About the Author: Jim Duke

Dropping out of high school to pursue the life of a cowboy in Texas, Jim Duke eventually bullshitted his way into college and attended University of Wyoming and University of Texas before finally earning a BS in Zoology and MS in Range Science on Mountain Goat Habitat in Alaska, both from Colorado State University.

His taste for the wild has taken him to the upper Amazon, Patagonia, Madagascar, and mountain biking across Tibet.

Largely unemployable, he works on an ‘as tolerated’ basis mostly dealing with equines and compost. His only professional writing experience came from a brief employment with the Roaring Fork Weekly Journal writing a column called “Kiss My Ass.”

His critters have always been his most reliable support group leading him through life. There are few problems Duke can’t outrun on a fast mule. His rollicking debut, DANCES WITH DONKEYS: The Memoir Of A Half-Assed Cowboy will be available from WildBlue Press September 2023.