Here is a piece of my life, and my experiences in life. With the same human nature, same human spirit, and same human emotions. Just different tales. These poems tell a tale of human emotion, hope, and losing hope. Hurt, joy, falling in darkness, love, and falling in love. Pain, and growth.

Here are 16 heart-touching poems. With a little girl’s, and a grown woman’s history hidden in them. They will make you smile, think, learn, cry, and feel the horror, grow, and fall in love with life all over again. I hope you will enjoy them.
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About the Author

Mina Qarabaghi is a refugee from Kabul Afghanistan. She was born 1992 to an afghan general and a housewife. She became a refugee at the age of six years old. She moved from Kabul to Karachi Pakistan at the age of six years old. Then she moved to Denmark at the age of twelve years old, where she was re-united with her father after ten years. Then her father passes away after a few months and her older sister Mila passes away following months. Mina faces depression, and anxiety. She start writing for herself as a form of therapy. at the age of 23 when she is thinking to herself. When was the last time she was truly happy. And surprisingly all she could think of, was the time she was a kid living in a big scary house, in Kabul during the war. the reason was her older sisters histories. She remembered how everyone gathered up in one room, by the fireplace. Where Mila told stories. She would be so taken by her older sisters histories that it felt like there was no pain, no worries in the world. Even during a war. so, she started writing from that day.

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