They said he was evil.
They said he was dangerous.
But he was just trying to survive…

Parker’s biggest problem in life was getting the boy he liked to notice him. Now, after discovering he’s a warlock, the life he once knew is gone. Now he must contend with a mother that lied to him, a brother that hates him, and a father that doesn’t know him.

And if that wasn’t enough, a group of fanatical witch hunters have set him and his family in their sights. In order to protect those he loves, Parker must embrace his dark powers while not becoming the monster the witch hunters say he is. But the ability to bend the world to his will is an alluring temptation.

Previously published under Kyle Lewis
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“I liked it…”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Hartleyjr

This was a enjoyable read…I liked all the characters especially Parker…it took me longer to like Evan but in the end I did…This was the 1st book I’ve read by this author…it won’t be my last ….

About the Author

Kayci Morgan has had a passion for gay, fantasy and paranormal romance for as long as she can remember. She lives in Chicago with her family. In her cozy apartment, she spends endless nights tapping away at her keyboard and playing computer games unheard of by normal people. Her English Literature degree serves as a superb coaster for her 20oz mug of coffee. Welcome, and please enjoy her sleep deprived ramblings.

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