Dark One : The Revenge is Never Silent

Vengeance, betrayal, manipulation and bitter revenge.
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GRIPPING! couldn’t put the book down. also bought this for a family member who found it a really good read too Hoping for a sequel!

-- Arran
Book Description:

‘Vengeance, betrayal, manipulation and bitter revenge.’
Bradford. A city once a thriving hub, now in rapid decline and no more than a tired, broken town.
A suburban cricket match, an idyllic scene, ends with a brutal, bloody attack. The young cricketer, Charlie Mason, is at the centre of a heated dispute.
Detective Inspector Paul Taylor finds himself immersed in the investigation. What appears to be a cut and dried case becomes a journey which leads Taylor and his team in a frustrating pursuit.
Mitch Harrison, a retired headteacher, has good reason to hate.
As Taylor closes in, his digging uncovers an exasperating past filled with nothing more than bitterness, manipulation, corruption and revenge.

Jos Fieldhouse (Author)
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