“Astra Ariany Welsh is a biracial woman who can only express herself through aggression and anger. She starts to wrestle to release her frustrations but soon after starts to suffer from blackouts and hurts people during them. As her “”rages”” become a part of her, she beats and kills a cop, which immediately lands her in jail.

Cole Hanson’s life has been riddled with secrets and regret but refuses to let that affect his charming and approachable personality. After five years of trying, he is finally able to release Astra from prison even though she is Cole’s father’s murderer. Cole thinks Astra is innocent, but why?”

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About the Author

I was born in Spain and raised in Mexico. I am biracial, so I like to explore those kinds of relationships in my writing. I am also very interested in human behavior and emotional vulnerability. I connect with characters who have problems expressing their emotions and I like to come up with reasons or scenarios as to why that is the case. I relish diversity and uniqueness and I hope my writing expresses that.

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