61eAOapYVYL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_One second before the attacker broke through his defenses, Stewart punched in his tracer. On its tail rode the Nano Nuke. Hasta la Vista, Baby. He was in! Then the name of the site he had hacked appeared on his screen. Just three simple words – Central Security Agency. Exhilaration turned to fear, tingling with the acrid scent of panic. What have I done? Suddenly a fugitive, alone and on the run, Stewart must find a way to escape his pursuers and reclaim his life. Will his friends help him? Who is the mysterious Daddy Warbucks and will he tip the scales? As the pressure intensifies, Stewart comes face-to-face with the biggest decision of his young life. Armed with naught but his technological expertise and the willingness to stand up for his beliefs, Stewart attempts the impossible. He will flee the Earth in the world’s first interplanetary colonization ship…if only he can figure out how.

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About the Author

Writing is not my hobby or my passion, it is the essence of my soul.

I am a writer – a fiction writer. My main focus is Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction. I write because I must, for to do less would simply not be me.

The written word has long been my most important reality. My mass consumption of books started at a young age. In the small town that I grew up in, I burned through over a third of the fiction content in the middle school school library. Even before then I was writing, working with poetry and short stories.

My many genre reading phases have included Westerns, American Frontier, Historical Naval, Wilderness Adventure, Hard Science Fiction, Soft Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction. I am a consummate story teller, and have been been telling stories all of my life.

In the unwritten, what many call the “real” world, I have been a waterfowl hunting guide of some note, a sub-2 minute half miler, and a backyard mechanic. I’ve fished, hunted and explored my world in over a dozen states and Canada. My first career was engineering where I designed systems to control manufacturing equipment, including several complex systems for radioactive waste processing for which I received the George Westinghouse Signature of Excellence Award twice. I have designed software programs, improved business processes and was a speaker on the business improvement circuit traveling to 9 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. I have invented many things, some that worked and some that did not. I have solved many problems, some elegantly and some not so elegantly.

My life has been a whirlwind as I’ve been drawn to new experiences, new frontiers. Through out it all, though, one thing has remained constant. My love of the written word.

I hope you enjoy the content here as I share my work, my love of writing, and my reading/writing experiences. If you do, then you and I have something very special in common. We share the magic of stories, and the love of the worlds and the alternate realities they bring to our lives.

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