sdsIn this book, we learn how the author, Michael Phelps, and David Janssen first met. We are soon made aware of problems between David and Ellie – ultimately leading to a bitter, drawn out divorce. Professionally, we see him growing tired, thus resigning from his role as “The Fugitive” in favor of trying out for the big screen – enabling him to have the best of both worlds: time to work and time to relax. He goes on to assume many roles but, during his time on the set of “Where It’s At,” he meets Rosemary Forsyth. They were both going through a divorce and end up falling in love. As seems to be customary with the relationships David had with women, his relationship with Rosemary falls apart. After some time, he reconnects with an old friend, Dani Greco, who was going through her own divorce and they soon become an item. “At the point where The Early Years ends, David Janssen appears to be on top of the world. Life seems to be going his way and it’s wonderful to see the smile on his face.” – Norma Budden, Author

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