51z0SPu5S3L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_When Yvonne finds her precious Nana cold on the couch and fresh baked cookies in the kitchen, her heart is broken and her life misaligned. Determined to get things in order and settle affairs, the young woman takes a summer job at The Moon Frost Inn.

Things are strange from the moment she steps onto the property, but they soon turn surreal when a chilling scene begins to unfold, twisting dreams into reality and nightmares into waking moments of terror.

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About the Author

Debut author Rip Vega is a business owner who turns to pen and paper in the dim hours of the night. Having grown up in a neighborhood riddled with real life horror, he is known for fusing candid realism with devilish creativity in creepy horror stories that thrill readers long after the last page.

Ominous and laden with artistic prose, Rip Vega’s horror stories are unlike any you’ve ever read. Spine-chilling and dynamic, they’re the perfect release for those who harbor a morbid curiosity for horror but desire a fresh perspective. Based out of none other than the pulsating streets of New York, he’s ever inspired by the spark of the city and the great characters that pepper the concrete.

When not writing in the cobwebby hours of the night, you can find Rip lighting his muse by traveling the globe and chronicling every place he encounters–from Europe’s eerie catacombs to the heat of the Las Vegas desert–all the while planning his next evocative tale.

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